20.06. Queering Harry, slashing Potter

The heteronormativity displayed in the Harry Potter universe has long been subject to criticism – and yet, the internet provides us with an amplitude of queer responses and re-writings. This English-language lecture by Dr. Vera Cuntz-Leng of University of Marburg offers an explanation for this apparent contradiction.

As a global phenomenon, Harry Potter has attracted most diverse readership and audiences, provoked many contradictory responses and debates. While many critics have highlighted the enforcement of heteronormativity in the storyworld, the internet – and especially slash fan fiction – provides us with amplitude of contradictory queer responses and non-heteronormative re-readings and re-writings of Harry Potter. By constantly confronting and intertwining the academic strategy of queer reading as introduced by Kosofsky Sedgwick with the responses by slash fans, I want to discuss the tensions between latent meanings and resistant readings that embrace the Harry Potter universe. In reference to Iser’s concept of the ‘Leerstelle’, the various omissions, indeterminacies, and contradictions in Harry Potter, that provide a fertile ground for the interpretation of subtextual contents and for transgressive re-writings alike, will be explored and discussed within the larger framework of film history and the fantasy genre.

The lecture will be free of charge.

Der Vortrag findet in englischer Sprache statt. Als Referentin ist Dr. Vera Cuntz-Leng der Universität Marburg geladen.

19:00 Uhr, S05 T00 B42 (Campus Essen)

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