Härtefall (english)

Office Hours
Michel Breuer – AstA referent for social politics
Campus Essen – AstA – room T02 S00 K07, office hours: Wednesday 12pm – 2pm
Contact: haertefallausschuss@stupa-due.de
Next Härtefall panel: Due to the current situation the Härtefall panel can not meet and come to any decisions. Instead, the finance officer will decide about your application. This however can only happen 3 weeks after you hand in your application so the whole process will take around 4 weeks.

Applications can only be handed in via mail right now. Our post address is Finanzreferat des AStA der Universität Duisburg-Essen, Universitätsstr. 2, 45141 Essen .

1. FAQ
2. Which documents do I need?
3. Example for a letter of motivation
4. Where can I hand in the application?
5. Deadlines
6. Contact points
7. Additional information

1. FAQ
What does Härtefall mean?
Härtefall literally translates to case of hardship. It means that you are in sudden, unforeseeable financial emergency which you yourself did not cause.
How does the AStA help?
After a successful application, we either pay your semester ticket for the next semester or repay you the amount you paid for your semester ticket the ongoing semester. This depends on the kind of application you hand in.
How fast do we reply?
The Härtefall panel meets every 3 to 4 weeks. You can find the next meeting here.
What does takeover mean?
Takeover means that the AStA is going to transfer the money for the semester ticket to UDE directly. You must only pay the remaining amount (Studierendenwerk and student councils).
What does refund mean?
Refund means that the AStA is going to repay you the amount you paid for the semester ticket directly.
Can I hand in the application in English?

2. Which documents do I need?

  • letter of application
    • name, address, student ID number, date
    • specification: do you need a takeover or a refund
    • which semester does the application refer to
    • detailed description why you are in a sudden, unforeseeable financial emergengy which you yourself did not cause (Härtefall)
    • handwritten signature
  • list of all regular expenses (e.g. rent, insurances, utilities etc.) and earnings (e.g. pay, BAföG, alimony, financial support from family / friends etc.)
  • e-mail address and mobile number
  • IBAN
  • Proof of your financial situation (copy of bank statements from the last 3 months for all your bank accounts, also e.g. master card accounts)
  • Certificate of enrolment for the current semester

Please keep in mind that the AStA can also proceed with your application once you have handed in all necessary documents.

3. Example for a letter of motivation
John Doe
Mustermannstr. 14
12345 Musterhausen
student ID number: 123456789
mobile: +1345 0900 12345677
email: john.doe@doe.com
Musterhausen, 16/3/2020 Concerning: Application for takeover of my semester ticket costs

Dear members of Härtefall council,
I hereby apply for a takeover of my semester ticket costs for the upcoming summer semester 2020. I had an accident in October 2019 and was in hospital for four weeks. This meant I was not allowed to work in October and November because of my injuries. I did not receive any pay for these two months. My regular earnings are: 500€ BAföG, around 300€ from my job and my parents send me 100€ each month. My regular expenses are: 410€ in rent (utilities included), 182€ for a health insurance, 10€ for a liability insurance, 40€ power bill and 30€ for my phone. I am now missing 600€ from my job caused by my accident. I have attached all necessary documents (including a attestation that I was in hospital).
Best regards,
John Doe

4. Where can I hand in the application?
Due to the current situation you must send us your application to the following address: Finanzreferat des AStA der Universität Duisburg-Essen, Universitätsstr. 2, 45141 Essen.

5. Deadlines
You can always hand in application for a takeover.
Applications for a refund must be handed in by the end of month before the last month of the regarding semester. Example: If you want to apply for a refund for summer semester 2020 you have to hand in the application by the end of August because the semester ends in September.

6. Contact points
There are more contact points which can help you in financial emergencies.

  • Studierendenwerk Essen-Duisburg (their social counselling) also offers a Härtefall fond, which includes small funds for up to 500€ without any sponsorship
  • AStA also offers social counselling. Our counsellor provides information on financial support during your time at uni and also on Härtefallantrag
  • Christian organisations
    • ESG- die evangelische Studierendengemeinde
    • Campus- Segen (the catholic equivalent)

7. Additional information
Härtefall panel is part of UDE student parliament. They decide on your application. Members are in the panel for one year. This means that your contact person might change. Please do not address any AStA member in your application but rather use Härtefall panel. You can find the next date on which the panel meets here. You must not come to this panel. If you have any questions, please contact Härtefall panel via e-mail haertefallausschuss@stupa-due.de or visit them during their office hours. If the panel did not meet after three weeks after your application, please contact AStA financial office. If you are not satisfied with the decision Härtefall panel has come to, please contact the AStA chair.